Finally got my clear positive ❤️

Story time!!

So my boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for about a year. In that time frame, I have suffered two miscarriages and multiple chemicals. It had become extremely disheartening, so for the past two months I said forget the tracking. I stopped opening my app every day, stopped paying attention to when I was ovulating, and stopped talking about it with close friends. I wasn’t giving up, but I promised myself I would trust that it would happen when it was supposed to happen and that nothing I could do would change that. We just had sex whenever we felt like it instead of forcing ourselves. The sex was SO MUCH more enjoyable, and we connected better than we have in a while. With that being said, I was at work last week and had left home early because I was experience some severe nausea. I returned the next day, and a work friend whom is also like a mother figure approached me asking if I was pregnant. I was in total denial. I kept saying “no, the nurse said theres just been a 24 hour bug going around.” She proceeded by pointing out all of my trips to the bathroom. I just kind of giggled and shook it off, like girl you’re crazy! Well... the rest of the week I started noticing I was getting severe food aversions. There’s a BBQ place in our city that I LOVE, and it is where we went for date night this past weekend. I couldn’t finish my food, and I ALWAYS finish my bbq. This week was the first week of classes, and I called into work on Monday (my boyfriend insisted) because I was EXHAUSTED. So exhausted that I fell asleep driving on my way home. Tuesday I left class and realized I was still not feeling great and still super nauseous. Despite not missing my period yet, I went & bought a pregnancy test anyways. I didn’t mention it to my boyfriend either, because I didn’t want him to make it a big deal and me just get my hopes up. HOWEVER, to my complete and utter surprise, there was a very FAINT positive on there. I have since taken two other test one Wednesday morning and one this morning, and I am finally seeing a line progression with what I’ve been calling my clear positive.

SOOOO. if everyone could please send up a prayer, or whatever practice you do to send hope and good vibes, for a sticky bean!!! Please do. ❤️❤️❤️