I need advice!


My husband drinks every day most of the time a 6 pack. He drink since I meet him but after we quit smoking when I got pregnant he drinks more. He don’t get drunk every day but at least a couple times a week. I don’t drink much, a glass of wine sometimes in the weekends and For me drinking every day is not normal. I accepted before because we were alone but now that we have our son, this bothers me so much. I try to talk about it with him telling him that is not good for his health, I don’t like see him drunk, Scared me that he have a problem that he don’t accept and I don’t want my son growing watching him drink all the time. But he just told me to stop giving him shit, that it never been a problem because he is always responsable, that in not his mom and that he is not going to change that because he give up everything he likes already. And every time we talk about this we end up fighting. And I don’t know what to do, he is a great guy and for the same reason he make me feel guilty of asking him to drink less. What you all think? Am I over reacting?