Fatigued to the max 😩😴

Keisha • 23 🌮🍷 Momma to a baby boy 💙 Girl due Nov 2019🎀Wifey to Mr. J 🥰💑👪

Omg I am so tired alllllll the time. Coffee doesn’t do anything anymore, I usually get my shower in the afternoon to help keep me awake for the afternoon/evening and recently it’s not helping. I know fatigue comes back in the third trimester but man I feel exhausted. I take a nap when my son does and it only helps until he goes to bed. He just went to bed and I’m laying in bed already. Dishes aren’t done and I don’t care right now. My back is killing me, legs are so tight and achy (I’ve been dealing with that one for weeks and then sat night I got the BIGGEST cramp ever in my calf 😭 I almost cried). I feel like my legs and feet are swelling up so much. I’m so uncomfortable right now I feel like I get contractions at the worst times (putting son to bed) and ugh my body is just so tired. November can hurry the F up I am so over being pregnant!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄