my boyfriend raped me.

so i was laying here and my boyfriend was like “if you move your ass one more time i’m going to have sex with you” and usually we joke about it all the time and when i say no he stops and it’s the same thing every time, but this time was different. i did it again and we started messing around. i’m pretty sure i’m allergic to his cum and we did stuff earlier so it still hurts a lot and he knows that because we had a full conversation about it. he got on top of me and i kept saying no but he took it too far and still did it. and when he was doing it i was like “no, stop, no, stop” and he still wouldn’t stop. and then he finally stopped, and put it back in for a few more seconds. it hurt. both physically and emotionally. so i called him out for it and he got super pissed and threw my phone. so i pushed him and then we started physically fighting and it got to the point where we were throwing water on each other and his bed was soaked. and now he wants to break up because i “think” he raped me and i’m so manipulative. he admitted to it at first but now he’s trying to deny it. he’s saying it’s my fault and i was asking for it and i knew what would happen. and he hates me.