I feel so sad for my friend.

My friend got herself in a pickle. She was in a abusive relationship for a long time. The man never treated her well behind doors. He convinced her she was fat as well. She lost so much weight, that she lost her period, lost hair, she literally didn’t eat. I remember telling her she had to eat. The man she was with told her she was worthless because she couldn’t get pregnant. He would beat her. She wouldn’t leave him because he kept saying he was going to change and didn’t. Everyone thought he was a good guy though because he came from a good family, had a great job and seemed so friendly. But when he drank he got mean. My friend finally left him and ended up engaged to a new man who she ended up pregnant with. She was healthy, looked great, seemed happy. My friend has endometriosis and had been told she might have trouble getting pregnant in the past. She finally ended up pregnant. But unfortunately, about half way through almost. She lost it. She hid it about a month. Lied to her fiancé, friends and family. She finally told the truth and said she was scared to. She ended up going to therapy and getting medications she had told me she was so scared to tell her fiancé because her ex had beaten her in the past and threatened to leave her since she couldn’t Have kids. I believe her. I don’t think she meant to hurt anyone. People are saying terrible things about her and some people say I’m dumb for being friends with her but I know she is a good person. What should I do?