Fell like shit to my family. (In-laws)

Firstly we get along with in laws fine to an extent. Anyway both of our SIL’s (boyfriend brothers partners) are pregnant;

November 2019 and February 2020.

We found out we were pregnant and due in March 2020 weeks ago. We’ve been waiting until 12weeks to announce to the family. Anyway now the back story is done to the part where I feel shitty.

We are all at a family bbq and both of my partners brothers were talking about how they are gonna either be a dad again or a first time dad and boasting all about it. Then one of them says “no offence to anyone else and the kids but these two cousins are gonna be so close like come on 3months apart not gonna get close then that” and they are all happy excited and proud and I’m there silently pregnant and due literally 4weeks after of them. And I just feel like I’m gonna ruin what they have and rain on their parade. Everyone thinks there is two babies coming to add to the family when there will be 3. 😭😭