Ok, ladies. I need some advice on what y’all would do if you were in my shoes. This is going to be lengthy, so here with me. My “fiancé” and I have been together for almost 5 years in October. October 2017, we found out I was pregnant. March 2018 he had grabbed a job at a factory. I was about 6-7 months pregnant at this point. I was extremely moody, constantly in pain, by myself 12-16 hours a day alone at home. At first he’d call me on his lunch breaks but that began to stop happening. I had our son, shit still felt weird. Fast forward to June of this year. Shit began to feel distant between us, and that’s when shit began to hit the fan. I stayed home with our one year old and my step daughter. I do not ever get the opportunity to go out what so ever. But he would go out Friday and Saturday nights to go to car meets here in town. Well about a month or so ago he lied about where he was and I caught him the lie with receipts. He said he was at a certain location, sent me a photo to verify. I remember seeing that exact photo he asked his friend for the previous night. Fast forward to not this past Friday but the previous. I had an instant gut feeling to log into our spring account and try to look up who he has been texting calling. I went back to records from March and forward of last year and he had been talking a long time to the same number. I have an app that is for reverse call numbers to see who the number is registered to. Obviously, it belonged to a female. I downloaded a fake texting app, and called. She told me they both had sex WHILE I was pregnant! Had sex with her then would have sex with me... this continued until August 2018. Then there’s another female, this shit started about a month ago. He’d leave me by myself to watch HIS kids to go F around with some thot. He asked me if I wanted to drive 3 hours away to trade cars with some dude, and I told him no, because our son needed to be in bed and also he said how it’d prob be hot etc. This MOFO takes her with him! Now, not this past Friday but the previous he told me he was staying home that weekend! But 9 or so rolls around, and he asked me if I wanted anything from Walmart, and all I asked for was almond milk. Well come to find out, he instead went to her house, had sex with her as a “goodbye” thing, and f-d her without a condom just that time 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄🙄 Comes In 12:30 that night seemed all happy and shit then asked if I wanted to go bowling the next day. He’s told this hoe shit about me and what was happening in our relationship. My question is, what would y’all do? Would you stay? Leave? Sorry for it being long or confusing but I am just pissed the fuck off about it still.