HELP! We are DESPERATE! **Update**

Maeve • Mommy to my sweet LBC! 💜

Or LO is 9 months old and WILL NOT SLEEP! We are at the point of just tears. She’ll fall asleep in while being rocked or on her own in the pack and play but as soon as she’s moved to the crib, it’s nothing but tears. I don’t let her CIO because she cries to the point of not being able to breath. She can sleep fine in the bed with us too, but as soon as she’s moved same thing! Sometimes she’ll put herself to sleep watching tv, but I don’t want that to be a sleep habit. Especially because she’ll keep her self up if she’s entertained. We’ve tried to sleep train, no good. We need help!


One very desperate and tired momma!

UPDATE: so I finally bit the bullet and did just let her cry it out. We had bath time, we brushed her hair, fed her and read her like five books. Finally I put her down and told her it was bed time, and left tour bedroom with the door cracked. It was hard. That was going great until my husband let her fall asleep in his arms last night. 🤦🏼‍♀️ So she slept with us, in our bed, all night.

So tonight I had him feed her, change her, and read to her. She fell asleep and 5 min later she woke up. So I went in shushed her and left. Within another five she was out again.