Admitted after ultrasound today-30 wks 3 days. Update:

Fredweena • My rainbow baby was on the way 11/1/19 now will be here 10/10 or 10/11 depending on my induction outcome.

After my ultrasound today my doc admitted me for 4 days to monitor the baby. They are checking to see if I have pre-eclampsia. Also blood flow from the placenta was a concern, so they’re just checking us out. The baby may also be delivering at 32 or 34 weeks depending on the observation. Please keep us in your prayers!!

Update: So my little man will be delivered via c-section in a week. We will continue to be monitored until then so we will be at the hospital a while but everything is looking good. Please keep us in your prayers!!

Update: baby is doing really well and the doctors are going to keep him in as long as possible, and as long as the tests are coming back normal. I’m super happy. Thank you for your prayers!!!