Sleep Training

I think we are going to have to start sleep training my little one and I am looking for some advice/support, really don’t want to just let him cry it out so any other suggestions would be great.

He has been sleeping awfully for about 7 weeks now and it has gotten progressively worse and worse. He’s always gone to sleep on us and we have rocked him so probably made it worse for ourselves. For the past 3 weeks he will only go to sleep on us and will wake up after 5 minutes of being put down. Throughout the night he is up every 20 minutes to half an hour unless he sleeps on me (which I don’t want to do as I can’t sleep and it’s too hot where we are so he gets very warm.

I would happily keep rocking him to sleep if he was able to get back to sleep, or even sleep 2/3 hour slots but he isn’t so he’s such a grumpy gus in the day. I thought it was the leap but we are past that so I think it’s sleep regression and he has got unhelpful habits which means he can’t get into a deep sleep without us rocking/cuddling.

I had wondered whether he was refluxy (I think he is as he is sick often) so he is on infant gaviscon and his bed is raised. We feed him an hour before bed and keep him up so I don’t think it’s that. I know he is plenty warm enough, I think he just likes the cuddles (which is lovely, just hard when he is up every 20 minutes without.

Any help would be soooo appreciated, from a very overwhelmed mummy 😂 x