Is a pregnancy still viable after heavy bleeding?

I’m trying to keep the explanation short, but it might be a bit lengthy:

So I thought I had a chemical pregnancy because my lines were extremely faint for seven days and then I started bleeding heavily. Fast forward to what I thought was cycle day 3 and I get this strong urge to take an OPK because I thought I was having super early ovulation; my boobs were still really hurting and I’m having numerous cravings and unbearable hot flashes, and also extremely emotional. The test line got so dark it pulled from the control line... That’s weird, I thought. So I get out a cheapie just for the fun of it and there ends up being a distinct line! Thinking the test is faulty, I take another cheapie; same line appears! So I take a digital and it says pregnant!!! How is this possible?! I bled heavily for two days with horrible cramps, it’s just spotting now but I don’t know how this could still be a viable pregnancy. I’m scared what this means :( I’d be 20 DPO.

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