Brooke • FTM to a baby girl May 26, 2019💕

Is anyone else dealing with insomnia? My daughter has recently been waking up throughout the night again and barely will take a nap throughout the day but whenever she sleeps, it takes me forever to get back to sleep or to even fall asleep at all. You’d think it’d be easy for me to just fall asleep considering I barely get sleep but it’s not😩 I stay awake forever and then by the time I fall asleep, she’s waking up again. It feels like back when I was pregnant and would wake up all throughout the night and couldn’t sleep at all. And also, the weird thing is, is that I wake up right before my daughter wakes up. I’ll be in a deep sleep one minute and then the next minute, I’ll be wide awake and then a few minutes later my daughter is waking up. It happens every time. I’m so tired 😩 but can’t sleep.