2nd C-Section Birth Story // Bit by scorpion


I had scheduled my c-section for 8/21/2019 at 39 weeks. I had twins two years ago and my doctor told me I was at high risk for uterine rupture. I’d been having intense pressure and pain in my cervix and pelvic area. I kept telling everyone I knew he was big just from the feeling.

The night before the c-section, I stepped on a scorpion and got stung. Yes. Out of ALL the things that could have happened, that did. It was so painful, I was hyperventilating and my husband thought I’d go into labor right there lol. I immediately called the on call doc, who said it was okay to take a Benadryl and it shouldn’t affect surgery.

So I bucked up and went to the hospital at 5am as planned, barely able to walk from the pressure in my hips and pelvis. They did a spinal, without my husband present as is policy which is nerve wracking and laid me down. I cried from nerves more than anything. Hubby finally got there and the baby was out in ten minutes. They pulled his 9lb self out of me at 8:09am. And he peed all over me lol. The staff thought that was hilarious.

He went to NICU, as he had trouble breathing on his own and fluid in his lungs. They put him on a CPAP. He also had trouble regulating his sugar and his bilirubin levels got high. I didn’t get to hold my son until 5pm that afternoon. He spent two days in NICU, and then he was finally brought to my room.

The spinal left a huge bruise on my back. The incision this time is much worse pain wise. I had internal staples. Incision looks good, just painful. When they took my dressing off, they ripped some skin off too. That hurts worse than the staples lol.

I have reactions to the steri-strips, so I have a lot of redness and itching. Otherwise, recovery is slow, but steady.

My baby is amazing. Quiet. Barely fusses. Eats every four hours. Just amazing. I am in awe of him and so thankful he is all right.

Good luck to all still waiting. It will happen soon ❤️