Friends not involved much

I’m 34 and pregnant with my first baby. It’s my rainbow baby and it’s taken me awhile to get here. My dearest friends know about my long journey and struggles.

Only a couple of my friends seem to ask me how baby is going or how I’m going. Some of my friends already have a baby or two, some others haven’t started trying yet.

My best friend has always been a bit self-centred and hasn’t really asked much about my pregnancy at all. She’s been giving me a weird vibe. She hasn’t intended to start trying until the end of the year but I think maybe it’s made her feel pressured to start? She knows my struggles with infertility though and I never rub it in or even bring up my pregnancy. She knows that this is my dream come true but doesn’t seem to want to engage and it’s hurting my feelings. Not that I would ever say anything to her (she’s not the type to take that well and may get defensive).

I just feel a bit let down. I’m thankful for the internet so I can chat with people about how it’s going.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not someone who wants attention or wants to have the conversation revolve around me but I feel weird that some friends aren’t acknowledging the fact I’m pregnant!