Please help with poo problem!


My just turned 2 year old (almost 25 months) has been playing with his poo in his crib.

At first it only happened when he was in zip up onesies so we switched to two piece pajamas. That worked for a bit but now it doesn't help.

He wakes up early, pulls poo out of his diaper and plays with it. It's on his face, in his hair, all over the mattress, and a lot of it on the floor..maybe even in his mouth..We don't give him a big reaction (other than telling him to take hands out of his mouth if they are in his mouth)... in fact we hardly say anything and just start taking him to the bath. We don't want it to become an attention thing.

We don't leave him in his crib for hours or anything. We're all early risers. We get up at 5:45, take a quick shower, then get him up and finish getting him ready so there's not a long wait time for him. He does sometimes wake up at 4 something but usually it's around 5:15am and he usually just talks to himself or sings in his crib until we get him.

He is not ready to potty train. He has no idea when he's going potty during the day and no cares if his diaper is wet or soiled during the day. He knows how to say poo and when we walk in to get him when he does this he says "poo, poo". We also say potty or show him his little potty if we do happen to notice him going during the day but that's it for now since that's all he's ready for.

He has some special needs (to keep it simple let's call it a speech delay).

I'm not just concerned because of the hygiene and mess. I'm also pregnant with twins and we need his crib in a few months for one of the babies. We were going to transfer him to his toddler bed at the end of September.... I'm afraid if we don't stop this now we're going to put him in the toddler bed and enter the room with the entire room covered in poo.

And then of course there's the selfish reason I'm not afraid to admit, the smell is so bad I guess because I'm pregnant it makes me instantly nauseous and dizzy for hours.

This happens on average 2 to 3 times a week.

So there's the problem and a bunch of reasons why it's such an issue for us. You all have been so helpful so I'm turning to you wise ones again. Please help us, I'm out of ideas of what to do. 😥