He's Here! (Birth Story/Late Post)

Jessica • Me: 26 DH: 41 DSS: 11 DS: 2mos BFP#1: 5/23/17 MC: 6/12/17 BFP#2: 12/18/18 Miles Grayson Dean 08/16/19!

Sorry if this is long and poorly told.

Our rainbow baby made his appearance early on August 16 (due Aug 24). So, for about a week before the 16th I had been having increasingly bad cramp like pains, but didn't think anything about it as they weren't consistent and didn't have any sort of pattern. So, about 2:45 in the morning on the 16th I was getting ready for bed and decided to make one last trip to the bathroom. As I wiped I noticed what looked to be my mucus plug and thought "Oh boy, we are getting close". I finished up and went out to tell my fiance, who was in the living room. We talked until about 3:20 and then as I got up to head to bed, I felt a gush and liquid came pouring down my legs. I looked at my fiance and said "That was not pee. I did not just pee myself. My water just broke." He got up and instantly started getting stuff ready to head to the hospital. Since this was my first baby and we only lived 12 minutes from the hospital, we figured we had a little time. We were so wrong. About 10 minutes after my water broke the contractions started with a vengeance. They were already about 3 minutes apart as soon as they started and super intense. We have an 11 year old so I frantically called our friend who was going to watch him and waited for her to get to the house so we could head to the hospital. We finally made it to the hospital about 4:30am and by then the contractions were so intense and so close together that I could barely walk. They got me into a room quickly and started the admission process. The nurse was thinking I was only at about a 5 or 6 because I was so calm (her words). So anyway, they got me in the bed and as she started asking me questions, I was hit by one of the most intense contractions I had, had up until that point and my body automatically started pushing with it. When it passed I interrupted her to ask if that was normal. She gave me a weird look and said "If that is the case, I am just going to check you". She checked and instantly walked out of the room saying "I'm just going to have the head nurse do a recheck to make sure what I'm feeling is correct. I'll be right back". Meanwhile the contractions are getting worse along with my body's need to automatically push with them. The head nurse comes back in, checks me and says "You were right, I'm going to call the doctor now". I was 10 centimeters and baby was coming quick! Doctor comes in about 5 minutes later, does a quick check and then practically runs out of the room to go get dressed. By this time the contractions were intense, nearly constant, and causing my body the push with everything I had no matter how hard I tried to relax. As soon as the doctor came back in they put my feet up and he said "Okay, it's go time. I need you to push." Five pushes and they had me stop because my little guys head was out but the cord was wrapped around his neck. They had me push again and stopped me again because they noticed the cord had been wrapped twice. On push 7 his shoulders were out and they were putting him on my chest and rubbing the color back into him as he had a short delay in breathing. Our little rainbow came at 5:32am. From my water breaking to my little guy being born, was only a little over two hours! The nurses were shocked I delivered that fast and was so calm throughout the process. I just kept thinking "Well panicking wasn't going to help me. He was coming whether I liked it or not".

In short, Miles Grayson Dean made his entrance into the world at 5:32am on August 16 after just a little over 2 hours of labor, 7 pushes, and no pain meds (even though I had every intention of getting the epidural). He weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 21in long. His daddy, big brother, and I are so happy to have our little miracle finally here with us!