so unnecessary.

I've posted in the past about my insensitive pregnant coworker and how she just throws her pregnancy in my face any chance she gets. so I brushed it off, and *tried* to be genuinely happy for her. but shes just a total bitch. today she gave me a bag of tampons and pads and tells me, here I don't need them anymore and figured you might. all I could think was, you fucking bitch. she knows my situation, and knows we're in fertility treatments and im not the only girl who works here. she could have gave then to someone else or just kept them!? am I overreacting? I'm always a little sensitive when it comes to this subject and i always overthink everything I just feel like she laughed at me, like here have these since you'll never get pregnant since you haven't these last 8 years.

today she kept walking towards me rubbing her stomach and even pulled her shirt all the way up, and was just rubbing her belly trying to start/keep a conversation. like literally just standing in the hallway her shirt all the way up. what the hell? I kinda just ignored her and walked away into the bathroom and she followed and complained about how pregnancy makes her constantly go pee.