little big siblings!


So my 19 month old knows that mommy's got a big belly and that on some level that there's a baby in there because she's felt it move and such. And she's heard its heart beat and seen the ultrasounds as they were being done.

And recently she's been asking if the baby hurts me when I rub my belly and breath she will say "baby hurts?" and recently she's started doing this!

Playing doctor with mamas big belly! I ask if she's listening to her baby sibling and she says "uh huh...boom boom... boom boom" and it just makes me love her all the more because she's so loving and sweet and compassionate! Even when I ask her "are you gonna protect the baby?" she says "yes!"

Any moms out there to the little big siblings who know mommy's gotta baby coming who do cute things like this? Tell me your stories/and or show pics if you got em! ❤