Idk if it’s even worth the read.

BACK STORY: So I’m a “young” mom. And a stay at home mom I’m 24 and currently about to have baby boy no.3 and our kids are very close in age this is exactly how we wanted it. We have a 3&1/2 yo and a almost 2 year old. Baby 3 is to be here ANY day now I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant. We live in a little apartment 2bedroom 2bath living kitchen and dining. So things are crowded but our lease ends in feb before the baby will be needing a lot more space.

CURRENT ISSUE: My fiancé makes good money but and we’re planning on looking to buy or rent a house next year. I have absolutely no problem working but daycare where I live is as much as rent. We don’t qualify for assistance we make just above our limit. But with my current pregnancy if had a lot of issues and I know In the beginning I’ll need a lot of help with house work and the kids. My fiancé is a huge help but wants to get a part time job a couple weeks after the baby is born for moving expenses/ holidays coming up. So I will have close to no help at home from him. We never have baby sitters not knocking those who do but my mom is always helping my brother with his daughter and she works full time and my fiancé’s family are not people we can leave our kids with. How do you guys find time to heal and take care of everything house/children wise? I’m in need of some tips.