Desiree • 22. married to my HS sweetheart🥰. Dog mom🐾. TTC baby #1 - PCOS!❤️

y’all! I’ve been TTC since January & taking provera & clomid combo for two cycles and today was my period “start day” according to glow which usually I laugh off bc it never starts and then I’m not pregnant and then begin another round of provera and clomid to follow (which is seriously the longest process ever) but today MY PERIOD STARTED ALL PN ITS OWN AS ANTICIPATED BY THIS APP. Last round of provera was last month so I didn’t induce this period! I know most would be disappointed with a BFN and getting a period but I am so proud of my body for doing this on its own! Gives my hope that I’m getting closer in my journey to my BFP! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 this pain is a BITCH but I am blessed 😅😅😅😂