Hi, so I've been following slimming world since the start of the year and have lost two stone. I've just found out that I'm pregnant (5 weeks today!) And I'm not in a rush to tell my consultant just yet but was wondering if anyone can let me know what their riles when pregnant are. I know that they dont support weight loss when pregnant, rather maintaining a healthy weight but what about the extra healthy extras? And syns?


Ideally I would really like to continue and still loose some weight in this pregnancy - in 5'8'' and 16 stone however during my last pregnancy I only gained 7lbs without even trying to monitor my diet and that was only from about 32 weeks and was 90% water retention in my feet and face, I was about 25lbs lighter after my pregnancy than before it but annoyingly put it all on and more on mat leave - I had a midwife appt at around 24 weeks that said I hadn't gained any weight and I should add some more calories to my day and if I wasnt able to manage big meals then I could perhaps have a chocolate bar in the evening which became a horrible habit which I dont want to get into this time!