Do y'all believe in true love?


Small back husband and I are currently separated. I moved out a few months ago after spending the last 4 years of our marriage, and the entire 7 years of our relationship chasing him. Always making him a, giving, GIVING literally ALL of me to try and grow our relationship. I finally gave up after realizing that I have never been the priority, and have always felt less than, and put up with a load of crap with other females, and having to compete for his time, and attention. He NOW wants to make this a priority and work things out, but I think it's just too late.

So let me ask y'all do you believe in true love, where your you still get butterflies, and find yourself randomly daydreaming and smiling...the feeling of anticipation when you're about to see each other...having heart to heart conversations where you just feel safe and understood...where intimacy isn't a fight, but comes naturally? Like you just literally know this is your person?

Am I crazy for hoping this exists? Should I just give up, and go back, or just be by myself? It all just feels a little pointless and not worth the disappointment right now.. what do yall think?

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