My SO is a compulsive liar

My SO is a compulsive liar and I've been putting up with it because I love him...

It's not typical lying like about his day to day life and he is 100% loyal and faithful. So that's why I try not to care so much about it, but his lies are starting to embarrass me.

When we first started dating actually I instantly could tell he was this way... honestly at the time I just thought it was cute (kind of annoying but cute) because I could tell he was trying to "impress me" I guess. He would say stuff like he lived in Ireland and had travelled countries and worked at all these places yadda yadda yadda.

I would try to catch him by "jokingly" being like "how is that even possible?" Or "yeah right" but he would then get defensive and I'd just go along with it...

So then I was like whatever, aside from these far fetched lies, hes a really nice guy.

Well when he met my family is when I started to get annoyed and really confused. He would tell them the same lies as if he really believed these things about himself. But he would go on and on and on about random stuff!!! Race cars, private schools, living in Africa...

I'm just like. Dude. We ALL know you're lying!!!!

We've been together a year now and I'm still so embarrassed to go around my family with him because of this.

I cant ever get him to just give up the lies. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄