Letrozole/IUI Ovulation Question


Hi ladies. Need some help. I took Letrozole 5mg for days 3-7. Just went in (today is day 9) for follicle check. One is 20mm another is 13mm and another is 10mm. She was getting ready to give me trigger instructions for tonight when I asked - I assume the follicles are on my open side? (My left tube is blocked). She said oh wait a second, no the 20mm is on your left side. 😓 So she cancelled the <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a> cycle.

My question - I’m only on cycle day 9 and usually don’t ovulate until 15/16. So the 20mm follicle so early is clearly a response to the meds. But could those other two follicles eventually release eggs? I know in natural cycles one is dominant and that’s it. I always thought with medication that more could release. Just trying to figure out if the hubs and I should try timed sex on our own or if it’s just a lost cycle.