Delayed cycle after Clomid or early pregnancy?


Hi ladies

I have a question for Clomid users. This is my first month on Clomid after TTC for 2 years. I was prescribed 50mg for cycle days 2-7. My last pill was August 1st, and I ovulated August 8th. I am currently on CD33 and no AF yet.

My symptoms have been:

• Nausea

• Bloating

• Constipation

• Super moody (burst into tears last night and 3 times today at work!)

• Sore nipples (not boobs) - and as a side note I’ve never ever had any tender boobs before AF in my life!

I did a PT on CD30 and it was a BFN.

I want to know if my symptoms are after effects of Clomid and the witch will be coming soon or could this potentially be my rainbow baby that I’ve been praying and waiting for for 2 years?

Anyone else have a similar journey ending in a BFP? When should I test again?