What would you do if you were uncomfortable wearing the bridesmaid dresses your close friend picked out 😬

One of my friends is getting married. We have been really close for years. We don’t talk as much anymore because adult life happened and we don’t live as close to each other, but we still talk often enough for me to call her my close friend. She is getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid. I was very excited and of course said yes. She is someone who has a vision for everything and wants her wedding to be exactly how she has envisioned it. So for the bridesmaid dresses, she said she’d pay for them all since she is going to pick them out. Well.. she picked them out. They aren’t ugly, they are just very provocative. Very short and skimpy. It’s not that I think they’re ugly, I’m just past that phase of my life where I like wearing stuff like that lol. It’s skin tight and shows a lot of boobs and butt. I don’t feel comfortable wearing it in front of people in that type of setting. I don’t know what to do about it. I’d hate to mess up what she wants and I’d hate to say I can’t be a bridesmaid over a dress. Would you just suck it up and get over it or would you mention being uncomfortable with the style?

*To add, they are all being tailored to her liking. We got measured for sizes and all that so if I went up a size, it would look baggy and not right.