boyfriend wants me to post him

okay hi everyone!

quick disclaimer: this isn’t that serious so don’t be getting pissy in the comments below lmao

So my bf is literally the sweetest boy in the world. We have been together for almost three years now, and he has never really been one to post me (it’s probably been like 5 times 😂). It’s never really bothered me, I just know that’s how he is.

At the beginning of our relationship I would post allllll the time about him, but then I started to mellow down with the post. I just didn’t think it was that important.

So recently I started my freshman year of college and I don’t have a computer. My family and i have been kinda struggling, so I would just go to the library for homework. Well last night, he bought me a laptop. I was so appreciative, I started crying! He was even taking pictures of me because of how much of a little kid I looked like.

He slept over my house and left at around 5 AM for work. I thought we were all happy and fine. I then got a text message at around 12ish saying

“I don’t even get a appreciation post for what I did”

Idk I thought it was just random and out of nowhere. Idc I’ll post it, he’s just never cared about it. Idk you tell me