I have to supplement with formula and I’m heartbroken



I am literally in tears as I am writing this and have pretty much been crying all day. Today was my baby’s second week appointment and he lost weight. My pediatrician has asked me to supplement with 1-2 oz of formula after each nursing session. My milk supply is low even though he has been nursing every hour. I can only pump 1 oz from both breasts.

I am so heartbroken 😭,

I feel like my little man has been starving. My question is has anyone else here experienced this? Can I get him up to speed with his weight with formula and then move him exclusively to breastfeeding only? Has anyone used a tube feeder, I am thinking of buying the Madela one tomorrow vs using a bottle?

Side note, I have an appointment with a lactation specialist tomorrow so I am hoping they can also help me with this.

Picture of my little guy...