Pregnant with ureaplasma

I have this infection called ureaplasma, it is link to so many thing like bv/yeast infections, preterm labor , etc . I’ve been treated 3 times at a different clinic I used to go to but it never went away. I have had uti symptoms and an itchy vag for a year. I went to see a specialist today and she said “ I don’t think your symptoms are caused by ureaplasma” so she just prescribed me a steroid cream and did two swabs but didn’t even tell me what she was swabbing me for. There’s people who have had this and lost their baby in their second trimester. I’m absolutely soo worried and confused. The clinic I go to doesn’t test or treat it.... it’s so hard to find a doctor who understands what I’m going through but I just feel like most are uneducated and don’t care.