Unwanted company, what would you do in this situation?

My husband has a really good friend he has known since kindergarten. We are all 28 years old. We own a home right down the street from his grandmas house which is where he lives.

I’ve been with my husband for 12 years me and my husband worked our ass off and bought this home. His friend never grew up and lives off his grandma she pays for everything bought his car, pays his insurance, pays his phone bill, and pays all the bills while he lives with her. He is one of those people who never grew up and lives off their parents or in his case grandparent. He has no relationship with his mom or dad. So here is the thing his grandma is sick and in the hospital we have went to see her many times since we have known her for so long she is like our grandma too. It’s not looking good, and she might not have to much time left.

Of course we have talked to this friend and asked what is going to happen to the house. And he told us his dad and uncles already said they are going to sell the house and split the money. And he will have to find a new place to live.

He hasn’t asked us yet but we already know when the day does come he will show up at our door asking to stay here. Me and my husband talked about it and we can’t live with him. We are happy having our own place and are TTC. His friend is lazy and messy and has other friends that are sketchy that we don’t hang around. We already can see the amount of problems that we will have with him trying to live with us. This friend doesn’t have any other family. He does have a part time job but even with no bills is always broke. Many times we have asked if he wants to go out to eat or here or there (places that cost money) and it’s always no I don’t have any money sometimes we pay for him or just say ok never mind. What would you do in this situation?