How normal is it for your daycare provider to have paid time off? (Like where you cant take your kid, but still have to pay them)

Just found out our daycare provider has a new contract. She gets 2 wks paid vacay+ 8 designated paid holidays thought the year. Also, I can only take 2 weeks off w out having to pay her for them. I'm a teacher. We get lots of holidays. The idea that I would have to pay her for fall break, Thanksgiving break, (we'd use our "2 wks" for Christmas), spring break and any other holidays (like memorial day) is CRAZY! Especially since I do NOT get paid a ton! And on her vacations I have to pay her AND pay someone else to watch my child.

Guys. Am I crazy? I'm just not sure I can get behind this. (We're already looking at other options...but I'm going to have a talk w our provider first about whether we really have to pay for teacher holidays when I dont bring my child)

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