Happy about a period?!? Heck yes I am!


My husband and I have been cycling between really trying to get pregnant and not preventing ( no bc ever and no condoms) for almost ten years. I just started my period today... and I honestly couldn’t be happier about it.

Because this time is different.

This time, instead of feeling sad and disappointed again, I get to call my doctor tomorrow to let her know I started so we can talk about scheduling possible blood work for clomid.

This time, instead of just hating my defective body, I get to schedule my HSG to make sure my tubes are open and functioning correctly.

This time, instead of wondering if the problem is me or my husband, he’s calling to schedule a drop off for his sperm analysis on Friday.

This time starting my period is actually a very good thing because it means it’s time to move forward and actually figure out what’s going on. Fingers crossed that it’s the last one for a while 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻