Bump on nose will not go away. Advice desperately needed!!!🥵


This may be long but I would very much appreciate some advice. I’ve had a decent size bump on my nose for going on two weeks. I have been using diluted tea tree oil every morning and night since noticing the bump. It seems to go down s tiny bit and then return to normal size (I haven’t noticed it getting any bigger so far). I seen another girl here say she used a water, sea salt, and tea tree oil mixture on a cotton ball to soak it. I’ve been doing that the past two days at night for 10 minutes and in the morning for 5 (I have school so I can’t soak it for 10 minutes every morning). So far it doesn’t even seem to budge. Am I expecting results too fast or am I doing something wrong. The bump is kind of painful but it developed when I yanked the jewelry with a cotton pad one morning. A few times I noticed some puss coming out when I would clean the area, I guess from pressure on the bump or area, but I don’t think it’s infected. I have stayed on top of cleaning and never missed a day or night. I also have to sleep with a bandaid over it because I ripped it out in my sleep when I first got it. Since the bump I’ve been trying to put the bandaid on more lose and roomy to try to avoid pushing the jewelry into the bump. Any advice would help because it’s frustrating and painful at times😩😬😖