Bad day turned good part 12


**Sorry for taking so long writing this part. Tell me if you like this story and how you feel about the story so far. Will hopefully have the next part in a couple of days. **

Once the windows cleared up. We started the car and he drove me straight to my house. I told him that enjoyed this weekend getaway very much. I hear a knock on the car window. It was my mom. I told her I’ll be right in. She looked very furious. I slipped on my heels and got out of the car. My mom looked at me in disgust. I crouched down and asked him to pop the truck. He opened his door and grabbed my stuff and put it in the bag and left his clothes in his trunk. I grabbed me by the waist and drew his lips close to me. Right when I could feel his lips hovering over my lips, he started talking. He told me that he really enjoyed our weekend together. I smiled and he told me he loved me. Before I could say anything my mom started screaming at me to get in the house. He asked me how I felt about what he just said and before I could say anything I felt a hand around my wrist tugging me away from him. I screamed out and told my mom to stop and. She didn’t. I looked back with tears rolling down my face saying I’m sorry.

He stood there in shock of what was happening. I was dragged into the house and the door slammed so hard I thought the door broke. I felt this feeling of guilt. She let go of my wrist fast. I asked what the hell was that. She told me that I am not to disrespect her like that ever again. I am not to dress as some of the women that work right around the corner. At this point I am furious I turn to look at her and told her that maybe I dress like this because I feel sexy. I don’t dress like this because you hate me to. I dress like this because I feel empowered and my boyfriend loves it. She laughed and told me that I maybe of age but since I am living in her house I will not be able to bring him anywhere near this house. I ran off up stairs. I threw the bag on the bed and picked up my phone. I saw two messages. One read “ I’m sorry forgetting you in to trouble.” The second read, “are you okay?” I opened the messages and said that it was fine, I am good.

After I texted him, I looked down at my wrist to see hand mark bruises around my wrist. He then started to FaceTime me. I told me to give me a minute. I laid the phone in the bed as I changed from my dress into my sweats. He asked me when I picked up the phone if she hurt me I told him no I’m fine. We started to talk for a while about an hour later we are in the middle of our conmversation and he asked me what is that. I asked what is what. He said on your wrist is that bruises. I looked and saw that I rolled my sleeves up and said yeah. At this point he was furious.

I begged him to not do anything. He was mad. I begged and started to cry please don’t. I told him that I would come to him later, that we can continue our conversation from the car later.