Sex with my husband 🤗


True story about me and my sexy husband. Just wanted to brag on the ass I got 🤗🥰😍

All day I have thought about my sexy ass husband and my pussy just throbs for him. So last night I finally got all the kids to bed and asleep, dinner put up and my shower done so it’s my turn to relax. I sit down next to my husband and just randomly ask as we’re smoking one. Want some ass tonight lol he looks at me and says hell yes I do. So we finished smoking and I jumped up and got on top of him and started grinding on him and kissing his ear and neck witch he loves so much. I can feel him getting so hard and it makes me so wet and I just want to feel him in me. So I drop to my knees and put his huge fat cock in my mouth I take every bit of it in choking a little bit as I look up seeing the pleasure on his face. He grabs me and puts me on my back with out any hesitation he shoves his big cock in so hard I almost cum right then. I can’t help but cry out in pleasure as he starts slow and then pounding me so hard I can’t take it anymore. He then flips me over running his fingers down my back as he puts it in from behind and he knows I love this position. He then begins to pound me even harder as he hold on to my shoulders so I can’t get away. I tell him I’m going to cum daddy he said me to and let’s out a big sigh and fucks me so hard and fast I exploded all over him with him following right behind me. We’re done and he cleans me off and holds me asking if I’m ok and saying that he loves me so much and we fall asleep. Ladies I’m telling you he gives me the best dick I’ve ever had and I’m so glad he’s mine for the rest of our lives and the sex just keeps getting better with age lol. Thanks for letting me tell everyone about my amazing night with my husband