boyfriend can’t make me cum?

so my boyfriend and i have been together for about 2 1/2 years. we’ve been having sex for probably about 2. i, sadly, am NOT one of those lucky girls that can cum through vaginal stimulation :/ not that i’m aware of anyway. he’s a young boy so he lasts like 2 minutes and then it’s sadly over, so i guess i’ve never really got the chance to have a vaginal orgasm. but i’ve had plentyyy clitoral orgasms on my own. every time he eats me out, he only wants to do it for himself. he’ll tell me to sit on his face or go in doggy, but none of that feels good. i want my legs spread wide the fuck open and him to dive in. but either way, no matter how he does it, i can never have an orgasm. i watch lesbian porn to get myself off and i’m wondering if he’s just not good at it because he’s not doing it for me but himself, (i’ve led him to my clit and told him what to do) or if i’m overthinking it, or if i can only orgasm by myself. i really want to cum for him because it makes him sad that he can’t make me and he feels like i’m not attracted to him. i have a vibrator i use on my own (which is the GREATEST) and i’ve joked to him about using it on me and he was up for it, should we just try to expiriment with that? but then im scared i won’t cum from that either and he’ll think i lied to him about it working so well for me. 🤣 help please