Lung development shot


Did anyone have to take the shot to help with their baby’s lung development. I am currently 36w4 days and will be delivering next Tuesday at 37 weeks. I went in today for the first dose, and I have to go back tomorrow for the second dose. I have been feeling so drained and dizzy since taking the shot. I barely made it home, because I was getting sleepy while driving. I also have gestational diabetes. I ate 2 tacos on the carb balance tortillas that are 4g if carbs (it never makes my sugar go up) at 1130 this morning, and I woke up from a nap about 1/130 and ate half of a strawberry wheat bar.. well, I just checked my sugar about 30 mins ago and it is 183 😱.. it has never been that high, especially considering I haven’t eaten since lunch and now I’m scared to eat anything at all... I’ve called the emergency line for a doctor to call me back about the side affects. I googled them and it can cause blood sugar levels to increase. I’m just so scared because I want to make sure my baby is okay! I’ve come to far for anything to happen. I just wished I would have asked more questions/ this shot was explained to me more so I would have known what to expect.