What a colossal fluster cluck

Ashley Nicole • Mom to two boys, 10 and 5. Due Sept 2 with our first baby girl.

So yesterday I woke up at 9am for a 9:45 doctor appointment. I'm 39 weeks and this is my final appointment before my Sept 3 scheduled c-section. I get out of bed and almost immediately begin vomiting. I'd been nauseated a few days prior and put my sea bands back on but this was the first vomiting episode. I threw up everywhere, uncontrollably for 20 minutes. I had just enough time to take a super fast shower and get to the office five minutes away. So my doctor comes in and tells me my blood pressure was sky high and there was a little more protein than usual in my urine. I told her my feet have been impossibly swollen. So she said she wanted to monitor me and talk to the doctor down the hall who would be doing my c-section. They begin monitoring and the baby's heart rate was spiking to 200 (from the normal 140-150 range). So it's decided I can't even drive the 6 blocks back to my house and that my husband needs to pick me up and take me to the hospital for additional monitoring during ultrasound to see if the baby is in distress. Luckily we live between our parents and hub's parents could take the kids. We went to the hospital and after 4 hours of monitoring, they sent me home. We pull into the driveway when my mother in law calls. My 10 year old fell off his skateboard, broke his leg and they are in an ambulance on their way to the same hospital we just left. He has a break in his tibia and in his fibula. He had to be sedated to get the cast on. He was in so much pain, scared and anxious. We spent six hours at the hospital and didn't get home until midnight. My husband had to piggyback him up into the house since we live on the 2nd floor. This is a nightmare. It's literally the most inconvenient thing that could happen three days before baby. I understand that accidents happen but a month ago this would have been fine, a month from now, also fine but this week is literally the worst week. He's going to need to follow up with ortho while I'm still in the hospital recovering from my c-section. I just can't believe this! What a colossal fluster cluck!