Late night shenanigans

My hubby is a night owl, I'm asleep by 11 the latest because I am very pregnant and very tired. Last night, he came to bed around 1am and I snuggled into his chest. He rubbed my back and hair and then started rubbing in between my thighs, all around my back and then stroking my boobs a little. I wasn't entirely asleep because he woke me when he came in so I was enjoying the touch. He was still rubbing all around and then when he noticed I was awake, he went back between my thighs and started massaging my lady bits. I moaned accidentally and he pulled me into his lap and started kissing me so tenderly, I almost cried because it felt so nice 😂

Instead of sex, he fingered me until I came because he knows sex has been uncomfortable lately. He asked me if I wanted him to keep going when I finished and I just pushed him back and went to town on him with my mouth. He was moaning and groaning all over the place because I was able to deep throat him, which I'm not able to do often at all. He finished in about 10 minutes and then I laid my head on his hips and he stroked my back some more. It was about 2am by now and we fell asleep after eating cereal in bed 🥰 I'm insecure about my blowjob abilities so I always ask if it was okay and he said "oh my god that was the best it's ever been, did you take a class or something!?" 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

We haven't been intimate in a while and he respects my space but I still feel bad when I can't give it to him because I'm uncomfortable. So it was fun to play around a little last night. And I thought about it all day, kinda hoping it happens again tonight 😂