Roughest 3 days of my life


Had my sons 2 week check up on Thursday and I had noticed a low fever the night before as well as behavior changes, poor eating and listless on Wednesday. Thurs morning the temp was still low but at 9am apt was told to watch it and if higher then 100.4 call in. 1245 was 101.3, stripped him down to air cool for half hr and still 100.8. They told me to do in and at the office it was back at 101.2. They admitted him pretty quickly and did a spinal tap, urine, and a ton of bloodwork. Got the iv put in and started on abx right away incase of meningitis. At about 9pm thurs he started having apnea episodes (stop breathing) and got put on oxygen and a breathing monitor. Dr explained developing apnea is common in young infants when there is something wrong. Preliminary came back negative so they changed to a different abx and did more tests. Found his liver enzymes were to high so changed the abx to an antiviral. It was looking like we would end up there all weekend so Friday night I ran home for an hour to gather a few things for a longer stay and when I got back there was a team (like 4) of people in his room working on him. Had a breakdown at this point. Couldn't stop crying. It ended up that his iv in his hand had started leaking and so they were trying to find another place to run it. After blowing out a vein in his other hand and leg they put the line in his head. Thankfully it seemed like the abx or antiviral worked cause he started perking up, eating a ton more, and just acting and looking like a baby should. They worked on getting him off the oxygen most of the day Saturday and after they got all the tests back negative and heard back on the tests they sent into the mayo clinic were negative they let us go home at 11pm Saturday.

Never did find out what was actually wrong with him, but I'm just thankful the meds seemed to have fixed whatever it was. Seeing your baby hooked up to cords and wires and tubes and monitors it one of the hardest things I've ever experienced. Just glad it's over and he is better. Serious support for all those moms who's baby is in the nicu for weeks or months at a time. I can hardly imagine.