I’m so angry

I’m at a sleepover and my friend has a brother that is my age 15 and she wants me to makeout with him and keeps bugging me and texting him with her phone saying “she wants to makeout with you come to my room now she wants to makeout” and it’s 2 am I’m trying to sleep and he comes to the room to see me u see the covers and walks away and then texts me this.

I said whatever I could to just make sure he doesn’t actually come again and want to makeout. I’m so pissed. Idk what to do


He then texted I don’t really care about looks but like no pressure we don’t have to

UPDATE AGAIN.... he came into the room to come chill with us which was fine

But I think I’m going to get a lot of hate in the fact that I didn’t just “say no” the point is I’ve known this kid for 4 years and his family I also have anxiety which makes it hard for me to speak up. 😭 he also just texted his sister “I’m so in the mood to makeout rn”

Ps I’ve literally got mad at my friend and said no I don’t want to.

Now he’s saying he wants my pussy

And mr friend is typing “she what’s your dick” like I really wanna go home 😭😭😭