I feel so powerful

So I've been seeing this guy (and right now we're just fwb). He picked me up so we could go to his place a hook up. We were sexting previously and we both made it clear that we wanted to hook up and we wanted it bad.

So I get in the car and we're chatting. We get to a red light and I notice him glancing at me. I say "What?" and he goes "oh nothing thought you would be more handsy based on your texts"

Excuse you? You did not say that to my competitive and confident ass. He doesn't know what he just did.

I saw this as my chance to tease him a bit. I put my hand on his thigh and slowly make my way up. Didnt even get past his shorts or get past the red light and he got completely hard. We both looked at each other and he grinned and said "ok maybe we should have waited till we got back to my place".

I don't know why but that gave me such a confidence boost and made me feel so powerful. Just to know that it only took a few seconds to get him complete hard had be feeling like

Now he won't let me tease him or talk dirty when we're driving to his place 😂