How did you pick your OBGYN?

How did you choose your OBGYN for you baby? My husband and I are currently looking into switching doctors closer to home (I moved to a different state when I married my husband and never switched my OBGYN). Originally I wanted to stay with my doctor as she has been with me through EVERYTHING, but when we went in for our initial doctor visit to say we were for sure pregnant, they told me I might not have my normal OBGYN for delivery, because it depends on who is on call when I go into labor. While I understand that my doctor has more patients than just me that might go into labor at the same time, it really bothers me that I might not have her there for the deliverly. My OBGYN is all about vaginal delivers where the other ones want you to do a c-sections. I want to try my absolute hardest for a vaginal delivery, so it worries me not have my ONGYN. What are you thoughts?