How obvious can I get?

I started talking on social media this afternoon, making some new friends, etc and just so happened one was a male who clearly had more at heart and I knew I need to assert friendship was my only offering at this point. I have a naturally hard time saying no or being obvious? In case it looks rude, etc.

Well clearly when he said “if we got together you’d be looked after” I knew I really had to just be out right? But was I outright enough? My exact words were “sorry I should have said earlier but I’m not looking for romance at all, just friendship, I hope that’s okay” and he said “that’s fine” me thinking it was the end of it all and suddenly he comes out with “you’ll have to let me know when you’re looking for a relationship” 😳😳 uhm did I not make it clear? Is it actually me? Slightly confused