Reusable pads are life savers!

I discovered an awesome product and I thought I would share with you ladies! I don’t like tampons, and I don’t feel comfortable with the diva cup. I previously used regular pads but I was having bad skin reactions to the material, they were never comfortable. I’ve tried period underwear from Thinx, but they don’t work for my heavy days and they’re also really expensive. I tried Heartfelt reusable pads and they are literally the best. Soft and comfy and I got five pairs for $20. They never leaked, there was no odor, they are awesome. I got 10 pair and it lasted my whole cycle and I cannot say enough good things about them, very high quality and they just really feel so much better. They’re so absorbent and absolutely worth it. A little bulky when wearing them but if you wear pads now you should definitely look into these, they’re also environmentally friendly as a nice bonus. 10/10 would recommend.