my anxiety and insecurity is too much man. i just dont even know what to do about it anymore. i love my boyfriend to death and im super terrified of losing him. we’re long distance and the only time i feel at ease is when im talking to him on the phone but otherwise im walking around with a giant pit of anxiety in my stomach. i wake up with it and it stays pretty much all day. almost nothing can distract me from it. i’m constantly worrying about where we’ll be in the future and i get random thoughts about him talking to other girls/hiding things from me even though i have no backing for that. i just know it happens to people all the time even in seemingly good relationships and it freaks me out. its to the point where i think about ending it just to avoid getting hurt in the future. then that thought gives me even MORE anxiety bc im attached as fuck and i dont want to do that at all. i will admit that the distance is not the only cause. i definitely still think about this stuff sometimes even when we’re together, its just easier to escape from it when i’m with him. but i have 4 months to get through before i’ll see him again and i’m honestly in a terrible mental state. all i want is to chill out and have confidence in myself, in him, and in our relationship, but it seems impossible with my brain constantly working against me. i’m so worried about everything and then my constant worry worries me more, its a relentless cycle.

does anyone else feel like this? is there any way to deal with it/get over it? i can’t relax and its driving me insane lmfao help