UPDATE: The ending of a marriage (possible trigger warning)


My husband and I have been married 11 years. Shortly after getting married he started telling me I was not allowed to wear most of the things he was ok with before marriage, keep in mind there was nothing I wore than was indecent. I had to ask permission to just go to town as I was not allowed to hold an actual job. He would hold me down at time so I couldn't move (I have issues with claustrophobia so this would about make me go crazy) until I would scream then he would say there must be something wrong with me and accuse me of being possessed. Then he started bending me over his knees and spanking me over absolutely nothing, once he spanked me until I cried because I couldn't pick the place to eat. Move on to last year, Everything I wore he made fun of even though I tried to pick things I thought he would like, if he mentioned likeing a certain hairstyle I would fix it that way and he would make fun of that. With being told nothing I did was right and whipping me in front of our kids I got so low I almost committed suicide but I couldn't leave the kids that way. I decided that I wanted a divorce but he cried, begged me not to, and said he would change. I decided to give him a last chance. Things were great for several months, then the verbal abuse started back up slowly. Last night he whipped me 2 separate times in front of my 2 yr old for no reason. Afterwards he told me all I ever thought about was myself. I told him that was his last chance and he blew it. He doesn't even know I'm now filling out applications and am looking into apartments. As soon as I have a job I am leaving with the kids. I know this won't be easy by any means but I refuse to take this anymore nor do I want my kids thinking this is acceptable. Any ladies that have went through this before I could use some advice.


I have 2 interviews lined up so I'm happy about that. At the same time I told my family about everything, they were supportive at first but now not so much. My mom told me if I was in his shoes I would want him to tell me he was leaving and trying to get a job. I literally feel sick. I am starting to wonder how I'm going to do all of this by myself if my family is against me getting a divorce from a man that has hurt me over and over. If I tell him he's not going to allow me to go to the interviews and he will do anything and everything to keep me here.