Ways to prevent implantation

I, a once responsible adult, have had knowing unprotected sex with my long term partner.

We both have known that I have been off birth control for nearly 4 months now, using condoms and long distance to keep the babies at bay. (I’m 29)

And then it happened... We both don’t have an excuse. Facts are facts. I was in my fertility window, due to ovulate today/tomorrowish.

It is too late for Plan B (we kind of just... ignored the problem. And now I am starting to panic. WHAT THE HECK HAVE WE JUST DONE?!). Work is closed until Wednesday, so no chance of getting an IUD inserted in time.

Does anyone have any freaky voodoo/natural remedies to best prevent implantation? 😰 (Don’t worry; I am appropriately slapping myself out of irresponsibility... or perhaps humanity lol)