Husband's Deployment Pregnancy Box!!

Amanda • Due April 2nd! 💗 cat mom 😻 T1 Diabetic 💉

Okay, so my husband just deployed last week and will be gone for a little over 6 months. And at the beginning of August we found out that I was pregnant, after a year of trying! I am so incredibly excited, and nervous, but I know that he is really sad that he's not going to be here for all the development and changes. I'm type-1 diabetic, so the high-risk factor adds more stress. With no friends and family around I am trying to channel positive energy and make the most of time by helping him feel more involved. So I decided to send him monthly boxes related to the baby's development. Here is box #1 for month 3. I'm sure there's ways I could've done better, but I am so excited with how it all turned out!! 💕🤰💕

**I still need to decorate the flaps of the box. . .Thinking of baby-themed wrapping paper and/or stamping it up. 👣👣

** Each goody bag has snacks and items (legos, golf balls, etc.) that are equivalent to the baby's size for said week. 💕💕

****HUGE thank you to everyone for all the kind words and love here! I was not expecting these reactions, but super appreciate all the encouragement and support. Wow!! Thank you again! 💕💕 ****