I need help please..... abusive relationship.

I am 23 years old and I’ve been with my partner for 4 years. We have a daughter together who’s 2 And he has three kids who live with us part time. Our entire relationship we have had our ups and downs but just recently we had been getting a lot better, or so i thought, and I have learned to stand up for myself which he hates. He’s good when he’s good but he’s also very bad when he’s angry, he turns Into a completely different person. He has pushed me around before and even dropped me to the floor and kicked me leaving bruises on my back and even then I stayed with him. He’s manipulated me into thinking that I cannot find anyone compared to him, that no one will take me serious because I have herpes, that no one will want me for me but just for my pussy and no one will provide for me like he does. That I cannot afford to live on my own because I don’t make enough and he makes a lot of money so he’s able to take full custody of my daughter. He only says these things when we get into very heated arguments. He also has said that he will make my life a living hell if I leave with our daughter and he will call ICE on my family if I do so. My stepdad is the only one who is undocumented and I’m terrified that they’ll take him cause he will do it. Hes very over protective of our daughter and anything I do will be held against me.

Usually I wouldn’t stand up for myself so our arguments wouldn’t get so bad but today I had enough. He wanted to grab my stuff and hide it like always does when he’s mad. He usually goes for my wallet and my phone and starts to do crazy things to scare me. Tonight we got into it becaude he does this thing where he’ll go into his oldest daughters room with her to avoid me, she doenst like me either. So I’m all by myself in the living room until I go in her room and told him if he didn’t want to be around me he didn’t have to come with me tonight since we had plans to go out. Well this only started a big fight. When he took my things I said fuck this, not today, so I followed him and blocked him until he gave me my things (which he didn’t) so he ended up pushing me to the side. This only brought back memories to when he first did this and he started to kick me on my back when I fell to the floor. He has at laid a hand on me since then until today. So I grab him and i dragged him towards me. Long story we ended up in a physical fight and I also hid one of his phones (IVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE) he was livid, and when I say livid he came downstairs with a cub of water and threw at my face unexpectedly and I didn’t do anything about it. He’s doing all this while his daughter can hear and is also taking care of my daughter. I almost called the cops but I was terrified of his next move and his daughter was here I didn’t want her to hate me. I’m scared if I leave hell call immigration on my stepdad and I’m scared he’ll take my daughter away since he makes a lot more money than I do. I also have no where to sleep as my moms house is crowded even the living room and if I was to fight custody that living situation wouldn’t look good on me. And I need to plan this well before I make my escape. My daughter doesn’t deserve this and I want him away from us forever. He also beats his other daughter when she gets in trouble. One time she had a purple eye from her hitting her so hard because he always goes for her face and I do not want my daughter to go through that. I also have have no proof of him doing any of these things. So what can I do?

More INFO:

He already has a misdemeanor domestic violence crime on his record. He has a bunch of warrants for nonpaying traffic tickets. He is backed up on child support he owes about 100k. He’s been to court for every single child he has and he’s already lost two. He has 7 kids in total. He’s able to see the rest A LOT.